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3 days Package Tour

Promotion Packages

Available from January – May 2011

The package includes: Accommodation, Airport transport and two optional sightsee

The 3bedroom apartment cost RM630 per day
The 4bedroom apartment cost RM730 per day
Airport Transport RM130 (one way)

First Day:

Elephant Sanctuary, (8 HOURS) Cost RM500

Departure time at 9:30 am - Visitors are encouraged to participate in activities from 1.00 pm onwards.

1.00 pm Video Show. Visitors may view a video on issues.

2.00 pm Cleaning & Hand Feeding. Visitors are encouraged to hand feed 
the Elephant during their ' Lunch”
2.15 pm Elephant Rides. Visitors are invited to ride an Elephant around t
he centre
2.30 pm Bathing. Visitors can join the Elephants as they bathe and swin
in the river under staff supervision.
3.30 pm Feeding. Visitors can participate in feeding the Elephants, their
Dinner of banana, carrot, papaya etc;
3.45 pm Transport

Second Day:

D 'Paradise:
Departure: 8.00am (8 hours including Travel Time)

At 10.00 am: Arrive at D-Paradise.

  • Enjoy Fruit Sampling & Welcome Drink.
  • Discover the world's largest tropical fruits collection
  • Visit the biggest "Monkey Cup" sanctuary.
    The monkey cup can only be found in certain Asian countries. Come and see the action!

12.30 pm: Lunch at Village Restaurant

14.00: Park Adventure & Discovery

  • Adventure trip to an actual living aboriginal native village, learn jungle survival skills or take part in their cultural performance.
  • The biggest species of Land Crab in the world - Robber Crab (A gift from the Australian Government)
  • Ostrich Farm, Crocodile Pit, Deer Enclosure and many more!
  • Walk around the park and discover (the BIGGEST) 800 types of which tropical fruit tree and see the "Saga Plant", which Malaysia's 1st national car, Proton Saga was named after.
  • Cultural Show performed by the natives.
  • Handicraft Lessons by the Natives in the Aboriginal Native Village.
  • Dinner with the Aboriginal Native people.
  • Night Jungle Trekking with the Native people.
  • Depart form D-Paradise back to Bistari Apartment.






Third Day:

Fireflies Tour (Half a day tour)

Cost RM 400.00

Fireflies are also called “Lightning Bugs”.

Named as they are nocturnal luminous of the beetle family Lampyridae, consisting of about 1,900 species that inhibit tropical and temperate regions.
The common glowworm is a member of this family. They shine in the night like fire to attract sexual partner.

Pickup guest for Fireflies Tour, our drive to Kuala Selangor taken approximately 1.5 hour and on arrival we visit Bukit Melawati where Fort Altingsbury is located.

The hilltop is crowned by a lighthouse and tall beautiful shady trees a haven for local birds, silvered leaf monkeys and long tail macaques.

At dusk we drive across the bridge over the Selangor River for a Seafood Dinner at the Fishing Village. After dinner we take a 15 minutes drive to a Malay Village, where we board a typical Malay 5 Seater wooden row boat (Sampan).
Life jackets are provided and boatmen would row us along the river. Here, millions of fireflies present us with a dazzling display of lights flickering in synchrony that resemble twinkling electric lights on a Christmas tree. Studies have shown that male fireflies flash three times per second, while the female-emitting a glow of lesser intensity flash only once in three seconds. Only male fireflies flash in synchrony. We spend a few wonderful minutes beside these trees, marveling at the wonder of nature before returning to the jetty and heading for Kuala Lumpur.

What to Bring, Bring along one long sleeve t-shirt and extra cash for other purchase during the tour and don't forget to bring sense of adventure / fun / humor / enthusiasm and a flexible attitude!
Recommended Personal Gear, Use good walking shoes and comfortable cotton T-shirt or long sleeve shirt and long or short pant. Not to forget to bring your camera.

Optional Sightseehing:
Cost at RM90 each one (Only Transport in KUL)

  1. Dinner
  2. Shopping